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Variance Board Members

Hearing Board Vacancy 12/7/2022

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that one unscheduled vacancy has occurred on the five-member Variance Hearing Board. The District is soliciting candidates willing to serve in this position.  The District is required to try to fill this position with an attorney or medical professional, as we do not currently have these professions represented on the five-person Hearing Board, however, all general public candidates will be considered.

Any person interested in being considered to fill said vacancy should file a written statement requesting to serve on the Hearing Board, addressed to: Katie Lantz, Clerk of the Board of Directors, EKAPCD, 2700 M St., Ste. 302, Bakersfield, CA 93301. Submit the statement as soon as possible, please include the candidate’s name, address, telephone number, brief statement of work experience, education, and other qualifications.

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Variance Board Members

Benjamin Dewell

Doris Lora

Chris Ellis

Brenton Smith



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